Sunday, January 13, 2008

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bubble Boy

So, I spent the day at WORK. I excepted a job yesterday and found daycare and got ready all night, and now i'm just pooped. It's a huge change to not be home with Luke, a change that all three of us are going to have to get used to. He's not used to getting up at the crack of dawn and even though he went to bed super early was cranky this morning and this afternoon after we picked him up. He was so tired and just done he was asleep at 5:30! Poor little guy! Thankfully my hours are good and i'm off at 3:3o and on my way home after picking Seth up just a little ways down the road we're on the freeway by 4. It's weird to be working at for the same company as Seth, I feel like i'm visiting him and just waiting for him to come back in the room, i'm in a whole different shop, I think it's just the atmosphere.

Daycare went well, they said he was happy and having fun. Made me feel better for dropping him off, however; today he wasn't so smiley to me as usual. I'm pretty sure he's got it figured out that something is different. I'm tired and it's been a long day, i'm off to sleep.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

I'm thankful for all I have and family and friends who care so much. Thank you!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Happy Saturday

It's been a busy week, I had more job interviews and am set up for two more on Monday. I'm so done interviewing, seriously. How many interviews can one person go to. I'm kicking myself for turning down the jobs I was offered at the time it made sense because of other offers, but now i'm back at square one. ugh. I did have an interview at Seth's work, I think it went well, it's more HR and no Legal so that's a downfall, we'd be able to carpool and that would be nice. We'd only have to go to one holiday party too (which would be my job to plan). Seeing as how well i'm doing planning a wedding, not so sure party planning is quite my cup of tea. Atleast that company would pay for the party, whereas i'm just a cheap ass and don't want to spend much money. double ugh. =)
Seth is working today as he will have to do whenever there's a paid holiday. Saturday after Thanksgiving, Christmas and new years. We're going to my mom's house in a little bit when Luke wakes up, after mom's we're celebrating a 4th birthday with our friends and their kiddos. Tomorrow will bring a date day for seth and I! First date since February when Ashley couldn't use a cabin she'd rented by the ocean and gave it to us. Have a great weekend!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Saturday nights alright

It's been a loooooooooooong saturday. We met up with Allison, Aaron and the boyz at costco yesterday and then went over to their house and hung out until the early morn and i'm pooped today.

We spent the day with Seth's parents and it was all in all a nice day, would have been a much better day had him and his dad not spent 6 hours working on that stupid truck. It's fixed! or was fixed, started it up and it ran for the first time in a long time and then, then the starter went out. what the hell. I'm pretty sure that truck is cursed. But on a seriously awesome note i'm greatful for family and friends who love us enough to spoil us! Thanks to my mom's friend Karen and to my Uncle (her hubby) for buying her a brand new car, i'm getting her old car to drive around tomorrow! Come tuesday morning i'm blowin this popsicle stand. =) I just like knowing that if I want to leave, it's possible. Friday was a bummer in that sense, I had planned to walk to the lake with the baby and feed the ducks and just hang out for a bit. I got ready, got him ready, got the bag ready and went to get the stroller. It was still in the trunk and with carrier too.
I need to find some good sites to visit during the times when i'm online. I have my certain places I check out and read daily, tomorrow is my postsecret day, I usually check it in the morning to see what new odd secrets people have sent in and usually ending up visiting it again when Seth wakes up to share the really odd/disturbing/funny ones with him. I just wish there was a way I could go back and read the past secrets...but I suppose then there would be no need to publish the books. So if you're reading this and have an interesting web site you'd like to share please do! My sister doesn't update enough to keep me occupied and there's only so much perez, tmz and craigslist "best of" I can read.
Have a wonderful holiday weekend, I plan to!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

shit like that

Another long boring day down, who knows how many to go. But on the upside we're getting seth's POS truck fixed this weekend and I should hopefully be back in the land of driving next week. I know I should be taking advantage of being home during the day and going for walks and taking Luke out and walking around, but it's cold outside, i'm sick and he's King of the runny noses. Not to mention the fact that like I said I'm still feeling sick and just plain don't feel like it.

Anyhoo i'll stop my whining, not a great way to make friends. I've applied for a bunch of new jobs in the past few days and am just waiting to hear something, anything. Craigslist wedding anyone.
Luke found one of Nolan's binkies and has taken somewhat of a liking to it. He'll chew on it for a few minutes but usually ends up grabbing it and waving it around like a tamborine for a little while before seeing something cooler and moving on with his bad self. I might have a binky baby yet! I was a huge binky baby. I had them hidden from here to there and everywhere my parents stopped and visited inbetween. I just would rather not deal with breaking the binky habit and I like his face without that big ol' thing hiding half of it.
I'm off to hopefully get a better nights sleep, i've got to kick this crappy feeling. The mattress might as well be a cement stone covered in a soft sheet. I'm sick of waking up 12 times a night to move, stretch, roll around and wish I had Seth's compfy pillows to lay on instead of the rocks I have. Which that in itself is weird, his side of the bed and his pillows are always better. Unless I whine my way into sleeping on his side and using his pillows and because he's nice he lets me do. Then the other side was way more comfortable and I want to switch back. He's been jerky in his sleep more too. Which worries my mother to no end. She would get so worried when I told her the funny/scary story of getting put in a freakin headlock at 3 a.m. No wonder I haven't been sleeping that well, it's hard to rest in fight or flight mode.
I think it was the second time I spent the night at his house. I couldn't sleep and went downstairs at his house to get some water and stretch my legs and came back up to find him spralled full out and no where for me to sleep. I managed to make a small spot in the corner and was left to lie my head on his bicep for a pillow. I was almost asleep and he twitched, next thing I know he's got my head in a vice that is his bicep and chest and was going to punch me in the head. I screamed, he screamed, woke himself up and felt like a huge turd for trying to beat me up. He was dreaming he was fighting guys who were trying to hurt me, and I ended up nearly getting clocked in the forehead. He's lucky he's cute. He's a very active sleeper, so far that and being knocked between the shoulder blades and headbutted is all i've had to endure, both times woke me up and I was highly irritated and offended and remembered in the morning punching him back.
On that lovely note, good night.

Monday, November 5, 2007


It's been a few days since i've posted so true to form, this will probably ramble on for a bit. We've been pretty busy lately and so has Lucas. He's been scooting for a couple of weeks now and I think I finally got some good video of him doing so. He's getting really fast and has been enthralled with Rockstar and water bottles chasing them all over the living room and then sucking on them like bottles when he finally gets them.

We had a busy fun weekend, we celebrated Seths' dads birthday on Saturday. with his brother, niece, and new girlfriend. We had a great time and Lucas got to experience all their animals at an older age where he actually noticed them and seemed kind of confused by what they were. They have a full house of four dogs and a bunch of birds one of which is probably only a little smaller then Lucas.

So in preperation for a week at home during the days with no car, we spent the afternoon in downtown Seattle. We visited the Pike Place Market and the only picture I was able to get was of Seth and Luke by the car and my camera battery died. Oh well, we had a good time and you'll have to just take my word for it. =)

It's fun to get out of the house and walk around and do something we don't do that often. We got lots of compliments on our little guy and he didn't fuss at all.

We watched The Number 23 when we got home and man, just the way they filmed it was hard to watch. Jim Carrey was creepy and the whole thing was just kind of unsettling. I had to stay up just watch something happy to ward off the freaky dreams. It's all in all a good movie, just creepy as hell.

The picture below is of the anniversary present I made for Allison and Aaron. I'm seriously proud of this and want to make one for us of engagement pictures for the guestbook at the wedding. I went to here to my publisher and uploaded their wedding pictures and made a coffee table book out of it. I was very surprised by how it all came out. Thing can easily look pretty cool online but you just never really know the quality you'll end up with. The colors are crisp, there's a ton of different designs, themes, and patterns you can put the pictures into. I googled wedding and love quotes and added them in with the pictures and it's something that will last a lifetime. I'm excited to get ours done and think I might have started a trend with friends all making their own books now. It really was worth it and easy to make. We had a fun Halloween, shockingly. We were not looking forward to it at all. I hate getting up every five minutes to answer the door and see four 15 year olds in nike sweatshirts holding pillowcases and asking for candy. It's not fun for us and i'm slightly surprised we haven't ever been egged. Our friends Eric and Crystalyn and their brood were going to a trunk or treat down the street and we talked Allison and Aaron into going and checking it out. It was such a fun time. Three of the neighborhood churches put it on and pulled about 30 cars into the playground of a nearby school. They decorated the cars and dressed up and I'm glad went. We weren't going to dress Lucas up to just stay home, but I was out for a job interview earlier in the day and stopped by the mall and randomly seen this seriously cute skunk outfit. I wanted to surprise my mom (who was appalled we weren't going to dress him up for halloween) and it all worked out. Here's the gang minus me, Sethy the pumpkin, Luke the skunk and Dash a.k.a Nolan.

I think the bow tie is what really sealed the deal when I bought this. I don't have a picture handy but the costume as fur down the back to and a tail. so stinkin cute.

We all took the boys down to Auburn to a pumpkin patch right before halloween. We are so lucky to have two older boys who get the great clothes, toys, and anything else. Luke get's the best hand-me-downs ever. I love this jacket, it reminds me of a lumber jack or something.

It's going to be a busy week. I plan on hitting the gym hopefully everyday, last week Seth was sick, then I was sick and it just didn't work. I'm feeling better and thankfully Luke didn't catch (or just hasn't yet) what we had. I'm off to get busy.

Bye for now!